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Maanshan Dongxing Casting Co.,Ltd

1.png Add: National High-tech Zone Chihu Yang Pa, Maanshan City, Anhui Province


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New base point new appearance new dongxing

Release time:2010-11-05 Thewholehistoryofdongxingisahistoryofcontinuousinnovationandprogress.From2004reformbegantoimplement,theleadershipofdongxingresolutelytowardthereformofthisunknownroad,theenterprisefromthenearly20yearso...

  The whole history of dongxing is a history of continuous innovation and progress. From 2004 reform began to implement, the leadership of dongxing resolutely toward the reform of this unknown road, the enterprise from the nearly 20 years of management operation system brought out, let the market determine the life and death of the enterprise, let the enterprise completely independent management, from the quantitative evaluation of the enterprise management.

  We have been through many trials: the relocation of ****** ** in 2004, which made us independent; The introduction of new technology in 2005, let us look far; The development of various new varieties in 2006 and 2007 has opened up a wider market for us. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, we stood still. In 2009, the planning and construction of the new area enabled us to build a better platform; In 2010, we stand on a new platform and move to a higher place.

  In the past 7 years, we have followed the idea of "entrepreneurship, innovation, creation and excellence", and set up our unique corporate image, corporate culture and corporate philosophy. Based on the constantly improved management system and increasingly solid corporate foundation, dongxing will have a better tomorrow.



  Yingbin stone



  The top of the hill overlooks dongxing



  Staff canteen (front) and staff lounge (right)



  Take pictures of the southeast corner of the factory



  Finishing plant (picture left), gantry crane (picture middle) and casting plant (picture right)



  A new type of large diameter straightening roller