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Type and properties of aluminum mirror roller

Release time:2019-12-31 Aluminumalloymirrorrolleriswidelyusedinallwalksoflifebecauseofitshighstrength,lightweightandbrightsurfacewithoutrust.Onthestructure,thealuminumalloymirrorrollercanbedividedintofourkinds,thefirstisholl...

  Aluminum alloy mirror roller is widely used in all walks of life because of its high strength, light weight and bright surface without rust. On the structure, the aluminum alloy mirror roller can be divided into four kinds, the first is hollow shaft bin, the second is continuous shaft type al bin, the third is water al bin, the fourth because it is processed according to the picture is called special bin.

  Mirror bin the most critical is luo coating, and the hardness of luo mirror bin is to take a decisive role in the durability. Mirror bin structure of work layer roll roll secondary hardening is refers to the roll after high temperature quenching of secondary carbide precipitation process, high chromium cast iron roll after heating to austenitizing temperature, fast cooling should be make chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy elements such as retained austenite in the body, to 600 ℃, the isothermal transformation of cementite Mo2C and M3C type to change M7C3 type, make the Mo2C and V4C3 carbide precipitates out from martensite, in order to realize "dispersion strengthened". This process is called secondary hardening of mirror bin roll.

  In recent years, it has been found that different crafts choose different bin, especially for the plastic packaging industry, mirror bin is an indispensable important part. Because in the rolling, extrusion and flow molding is inseparable from the mirror bin. The quality of the surface precision of the roller and the reasonability of the internal runner structure and the processing precision will directly affect the quality of plastic products, especially for plastic film.